Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Drew Peterson engaged to 23-year-old

Drew Peterson, who is still married to his missing wife Stacy, is now engaged to a 23-year-old Chicago-area woman, his publicist said today.
Glenn Selig said the 54-year-old former police sergeant has been seeing the woman for about four months. She's the same age Stacy was when she disappeared last October. If they marry, she will be Peterson's fifth wife.
"This is a private matter as far as we're concerned," Selig said. "And he's entitled to be happy."

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Jaime said...

I, personally, do not think this guy is good looking or charming (from the bits and pieces I've seen on TV) and although he probably has a comfortable amount of money, he probably isn't rolling in it. And, let's be honest, character isn't his strong point. I'd think he'd have enough trouble getting a girl in the first place WITHOUT the major issues....