Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Joe Biden connection

Sooo~ I have this very strange crush on Joe Biden. He was my original pick for President.
I also babysit for these two adorable children. Their father's job is to protect Obama and Biden. I think this is ridiculously cool. I get so excited when I talk to him about it! He thinks I am pretty ridiculous. So just now he called to ask if I could babysit. I couldn't but, I asked him if he was at the Obama rally. He told me he was in a helicopter above watching the whole thing! Where is he right now, this very minute???? WITH JOE BIDEN. He says ever so nonchalant, "Actually, I am with Joe right now." With Joe right now????? I am so so so excited. My babysitting client wishes that he never called me!


April G. said...

So I wonder if Joe heard him talking to you? Cause that would be even more fabulous for your crushing. :-P

Sara said...

Joe Biden is definitely crush-able material!! He was blessed with incredible charisma!! Work the connection and maybe get to meet him :P

Jaime said...

that is super cool.

please don't show this man or joe biden my blog posts about him.

Ai yi yi said...

I doubt my client will ever read this blog and in my dreams does Joe Biden :)