Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hottest Man Alive!

I was very excited to spend my first hour of work oogling the hottest men alive. Bravo choice "People" for choosing Hugh Jackman. I love Nicole Kidman and can't wait to see Australia. Hugh is very much deserving of his status and is a loving husband and father!

Daniel Craig also a great nominee. The only blonde celebrity I like in the guy department.

Choices I have a huge problem with? Blake Shelton! Joshua Jackson! Yuck! No no no!
Lastly, the "Asian" choice because they have to show diversity is Lang Lang. What???? No. It is sad that Hollywood has so few choices. What about the Asian George Clooney? Who is that you ask? Andy Lau. The truest hottest man alive (tied with Matt Damon). What happend to the guy who won last year from Lost? Or what about the classic Jet Li, but Lang Lang? Sorry, no can do on that one.

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